• Carol Jadraque

    Carol Jadraque


    Carol leads the Clearwater Program and associated strategic direction and organisational development. She currently works with the team to identify and act on opportunities to develop and deliver innovative capacity building activities that support and promote interdisciplinary uptake of sustainable urban water management.

    With yearlong professional experience across the sectors of natural resources management, communications, sustainability and innovation, Carol has achieved award-winning organisational improvement outcomes, applying strong leadership, strategic planning and change management capabilities.

    Carol possesses a Masters in Environment (Governance, Policy & Communications), a Bachelor and Diploma in Science and Applied Science (Natural Resources Management) and a BA equivalent in Arts (Literature/Media) and is passionate about leading change across the triple bottom line and in light of future generations!

    Carol currently works Monday to Thursday.

  • Sara Davis

    Sara Davis

    Program Coordinator (Engagement)

    Sara manages the strategic direction of Clearwater’s engagement, communications and marketing and the overarching Clearwater brand.

    With a broad-skill set, Sara has over 10 years’ experience developing marketing strategies, communications, content strategies, profile building, social media, community partnerships and capacity building. She has experience across a range of organisations on both the agency and client side, including financial services, water retailers and environmental organisations.

    Sara holds a Bachelor of Marketing and a Graduate Diploma in Social Science, focusing on natural resource management, water policy and parks and public land management.

    Sara currently works Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

  • Charlotte Beresford

    Charlotte Beresford

    Program Coordinator (Regional Victoria)

    Charlotte leads Clearwater's regional Victoria program Building Capacity for Integrated Water Management (IWM) in Victoria; a joint initiative with the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning. Charlotte works in partnership with regional stakeholders to enable the delivery of IWM principles and practices in alignment with the State’s Water for Victoria strategy.

    Charlotte brings over 10 years of experience in IWM with a focus on urban water management. Prior to joining Clearwater, Charlotte led the training portfolio for the International WaterCentre, building capacity for both domestic and international audiences in IWM. She has also had experience in delivering IWM through various roles with Brisbane City Council, specifically involved in creek rehabilitation, WSUD mainstreaming, policy and strategy development, waterway daylighting and renaturalisation, flood risk management and urban design projects.

    Charlotte currently works Monday to Friday.

  • Katia Bratieres

    Katia Bratieres

    Program Coordinator (Research & Design)

    Katia manages the design and delivery of a range of capacity building programs for Clearwater. In particular, she leads the integration process of 'research to practice' by working in partnership with a range of research organisations to ensure capacity building initiatives are informed by latest research, policy and practice. Katia's role also includes indentifying and leading the development of new service offerings and partnership opportunities for the Clearwater Program.

    Katia has over seven years research and industry experience in the urban water sector. She has a background in Civil Engineering and started her career at Monash University as a researcher in the field of urban stormwater, focusing on the development and improvement of passive treatment technologies (such as biofilters). She also worked with the Centre for Water Sensitive Cities, coordinating stakeholder relations, communications and research development.

    Katia currently works Monday to Thursday.

  • Maria Marziale

    Maria Marziale

    Project Officer (on secondment until May 2017)

    Maria has been seconded from the Community Engagement Team at Melbourne Water to provide Communications and Marketing support to Clearwater’s regional Victoria program Building Capacity for Integrated Water Management in Victoria.

    Maria has over six years’ experience in Communications and Engagement having worked in both the telecommunications and water industry. She holds a bachelor degree in Communications.

    Maria will be supporting the Clearwater Team until the end of May.

    Maria currently works a 9 day fortnight.

  • Tania Struzina

    Tania Struzina

    Project Officer

    Tania coordinates the design and delivery of Clearwater training and events and contributes to a range of stakeholder engagement activities. She has a background in environmental education and capacity building across a wide range of sectors. She holds a Bachelor degree in Communications and Masters in Environment and Planning.

    Tania held the position of Clearwater Training Coordinator from 2007 - 2012 and has extensive experience and knowledge in building capacity for sustainable urban water management.

    Tania's work history includes ECO-Buy Local Government Green Purchasing program at the Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV), MSSI Sustainability Institute in Melbourne University and Campus Planning at RMIT University, and in International Development with Oxfam Australia. She is passionate about environmental innovation and community participation in driving change.

    Tania currently works Tuesday, Thursday and alternate Monday's.

  • Bonnie Glaister

    Bonnie Glaister

    Project Officer (until June 2017)

    Bonnie supports the delivery of Clearwater's regional Victoria program Building Capacity for Integrated Water Management (IWM) in Victoria working with regional stakeholders to prepare case studies showcasing IWM projects across Victoria.

    Bonnie is a PhD candidate and teaching associate at Monash University. She has over six years experience in urban stormwater research, focusing on design optimisation and long-term performance of biofilters. She holds a Bachelor degree in Environmental Engineering (Hons) and has several years experience as an environmental management consultant.

    Bonnie will be supporting the Clearwater team until the end of June.

    Bonnie currently works Mondays and Fridays.

  • Demi !

    Demi !

    Seeing Eye Dog Puppy (in training)

    Demi is a Seeing Eye Dog puppy under the care of Clearwater’s manager, Carol Jadraque, for the next 12 months. Demi joined the Clearwater team in November 2016 and accompanies Carol once a week to socialise her with corporate work environments she might encounter when she will be a fully trained Seeing Eye Dog.

    Demi has no experience in IWM but enjoys water and waterways generally and contributes to Clearwater’s and Melbourne Water’s social triple bottom line. She really appreciates the flexibility that Melbourne Water’s work place provides and endeavours to pursue her current career path with Vision Australia: http://seda.visionaustralia.org/

    Demi can be seen with Carol approximately once a week at the Melbourne Water offices.