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The Smart Water Fund is an initiative of Victorian water industry and the Victorian Government. The five funding partners are City West Water, Melbourne Water, South East Water, Yarra Valley and the Department of Sustainability and Environment. Established in 2002 as a key part of the industry's response to the ongoing challenges posed by climate change and water scarcity the Fund has invested $50M in over 230 innovative projects across eight research themes.

In recent months, the Smart Water Fund Board has undertaken a strategic review of the organisation to identify the next phase of innovation and knowledge sharing for Victoria’s water industry. The outcome of this review has recognised the need to embed the pursuit of innovation within the water businesses and ensure the continual sharing of knowledge already obtained. As a result the Fund will no longer be investing in any new projects and operations will cease in 2017.

A key part of this new model has seen the Smart Water Fund Knowledge Hub move to Clearwater to ensure the benefits of research conducted to date continue to be shared with the industry for many years to come.

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Update: Smart Water Fund Annual Reports now available. Please follow the links below:

2014/15 2013/14 2011/12


smart water fund project date status research organisation
Water Efficiency Research Summary 22 August 2016 Closed Various
Inactivation of Cryptosporidium across the Wastewater... 17 February 2016 Complete Water Research Australia
Optimising Open Space Management - Best Practice... 17 August 2015 Complete G & M Connellan
Investigation of Alum recycling and reuse 25 July 2014 Closed GHD
An Innovative Integrated Algorithms for Cost-Effective... 31 March 2017 Open Monash University
Algae for Energy: a Wastewater Solution 17 July 2016 Closed Flinders University
Mainline Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Carbon Recovery... 30 June 2016 Open University of Queensland
Microwave Assisted Pyrolysis of Biosolids 30 June 2016 Open University of Melbourne
Stormwater Requirements for Dual Pipe Use 31 May 2016 Open Monash University
Cross Connection Detection Sensor Projects 29 February 2016 Completed Melbourne Water/CSIRO
Advanced Methane Extraction 31 December 2015 Open Melbourne Water
Wastewater Dry Stacking Outlet Configuration Trials 30 June 2015 Complete University of Melbourne
Water Quality Offsets Framework 01 May 2015 Complete Alluvium
Pathogen Die Off in Air Dried and Stockpiled Biosolids 31 December 2014 Open RMIT
Survey of Savings and Conditions of Rainwater... 31 December 2014 Complete CSIRO
Water-Energy-Carbon Links in Households and Cities:... 31 December 2014 Open University of Queensland
Nowcast Data Trial 10 November 2014 Open Bureau of Meteorology
Mitchell River Aquifer Storage and Recovery (ASR) 31 July 2014 Open East Gippsland Water
Urban Water Cycle Planning Guide 30 June 2014 Complete Barwon Region IWCM Network
Monitoring of Organic Micro-Pollutants in Urban... 31 January 2014 Complete University of Melbourne
Evaluating Demand Modelling Alternatives 31 December 2013 Complete Deloitte Access Economics
Global Market Scan - Automatic Sewer Assessment 31 December 2013 Complete Systematic Innovation
Melbourne Residential Water Use Reports 31 December 2013 Complete Melbourne's Water Retailers (City...
Supporting Vulnerable Customers 31 December 2013 Complete GA Research
Sustainable Water Use at Tamil Temple 31 December 2013 Complete Tamil Educational Cultural and...
Best Practice Land Application Strategies for... 31 December 2012 Complete Southern Rural Water
City Scale Alternative Water Options 31 December 2012 Complete GHD
Converting Waste Heat to Treat Water 31 December 2012 Complete Victoria University
Darling Street Stormwater Harvesting Scheme 31 December 2012 Complete City of Melbourne
Economic Framework for Estimating Long Run Marginal... 31 December 2012 Complete NERA Economic Consulting
Grey Water Treatment and Recycling System 31 December 2012 Complete Baw Baw Shire Council
Improving the Detection of Inactive Cryptosporidium... 31 December 2012 Complete Water Quality Research Australia...
Improving Water Efficiency in Evaporative Coolers 31 December 2012 Complete Australian Institute of Refrigeration,...
Incorporating Sustainable Water Use Principles... 31 December 2012 Complete Sunshine College School
IWN Customer Needs and Values Research Summary... 31 December 2012 Complete South East Water on behalf of IWN...
Microbial Source Tracking for Alternate Supplies 31 December 2012 Complete Ecowise
Net Zero Water Use Project at Cadbury's Ringwood... 31 December 2012 Complete Cadbury
New Technologies for Mitigating Risks of Stormwater... 31 December 2012 Complete Monash University
On Farm Milk De-watering System for Reuse 31 December 2012 Complete Tetra Pak Pty Ltd
Quantification of Pathogen Removal in Australian... 31 December 2012 Complete SA Water Corporation
Recycled Water Handbook for the Amenity Horticulture... 31 December 2012 Complete Arris Pty Ltd
Reducing and Monitoring Blue-Green Algal Blooms 31 December 2012 Complete RMIT University
Removing Effluent Colour by Advanced Treatment 31 December 2012 Complete RMIT University
Replacing Cooling Towers to Conserve Water 31 December 2012 Complete Victoria University
Saving Curlewis Golf Club Through Recycled Water 31 December 2012 Complete Curlewis Golf Club, Curlewis Victoria
Sustainable Effluent Reuse by Programmed Calcium... 31 December 2012 Complete A J Forbes and Associates Pty Ltd
Water Aware Schools Education Program 31 December 2012 Complete South Gippsland Water
Water Conference for Secondary Schools 31 December 2012 Complete GWM Water
Water Efficiency Impact on the Sewerage System 31 December 2012 Complete CH2MHILL
Effect of Boron on the Growth of Boron Sensitive... 15 June 2012 Complete Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne
Assessing the Health Risks of Residential Greywater... 31 December 2011 Complete Monash University
Assessment of Industrial Sources of Contaminant... 31 December 2011 Complete URS Australia
Best Practice Performance Monitoring for Small... 31 December 2011 Complete CSIRO
Chlorine Disinfection of Human Pathogenic Viruses 31 December 2011 Complete Australian Water Quality Centre/SA...
Developing an Alternative Water Atlas for Melbourne 31 December 2011 Complete GHD
Development and Trial of Waterless Harness Racing... 31 December 2011 Complete Harness Racing Victoria
GreySmart: enabling informed greywater use 31 December 2011 Complete Arris Pty Ltd
Hospital Operations Save H2O for Fire Fighting 31 December 2011 Complete Country Fire Authority (CFA) Victoria
Innovative Water Conservation and Irrigation Systems... 31 December 2011 Complete Blackburn Bowls Club
Kingswood Golf Club Implements Aquifer Storage... 31 December 2011 Complete Kingswood Golf Club Limited
Options Assessment Framework 31 December 2011 Complete Institute for Sustainable Futures,...
Re-desgning the Pan Sanitiser Units in Clinical... 31 December 2011 Complete West Gippsland Healthcare Group
Recycling Grey Water in Continuous Batch Washers 31 December 2011 Complete Warragul Linen Service
Recycling of Cooling Water Using Ultrafiltration... 31 December 2011 Complete Sakata
Reducing Water Consumption for Fire Fighting Training... 31 December 2011 Complete Metropolitan Fire Brigade
Research and Development of a Four Stage Reverse... 31 December 2011 Complete Victoria University
Sustainable Water Options for Sports Fields 31 December 2011 Complete Victoria University
The Pixel Building Achieves Six Star Green Rating 31 December 2011 Complete Grocon
The Relevance for Non-Revenue Water and Meter... 31 December 2011 Complete Institute for Sustainable Futures,...
Verifying Microbial Safety in Biosolids Treatment 31 December 2011 Complete RMIT
Water Conservation, Recycling and Reuse in Geelong 31 December 2011 Complete City of Greater Geelong
Water Smart Tourism - Saving Water in Regional... 31 December 2011 Complete Hotel Motel Association of AustraliaHotel...
Non-Residential Alternative Water Resource Guide 30 June 2011 Complete RMIT University
Water Efficiency in the Production of Powdered... 31 May 2011 Complete Longwarry Food Park
Water Recycling and Reuse within Car Wash Facilities 31 March 2011 Complete Hanna Wash Australia
Smart Water Schools in Bendigo 31 January 2011 Complete Strathfieldsaye Primary School
Accelerated Biosolids Reduction 31 December 2010 Complete Active Research
An Assessment of Clean In Place (CIP) Systems... 31 December 2010 Complete Hatlar Group
Best Practice Trade Waste Management 31 December 2010 Complete Victoria University
Characterisation of Human Health Risks Derived... 31 December 2010 Complete Ecowise Environmental
Guidance For The Use Of Recycled Water By Industry 31 December 2010 Complete Victoria University
Identifying Options for Haemodialysis Reject Water 31 December 2010 Complete North West Health
Impact of Source Management on Domestic Wastewater... 31 December 2010 Complete CSIRO
Incorporating Biosolids into an Energy Cropping... 31 December 2010 Complete RMIT University Tertiary/Research...
Lessons for Residential Buildings: EME Group 31 December 2010 Complete EME Group
Lessons for the Management of Brine Streams: URS... 31 December 2010 Complete URS
Life Cycle Analysis of Clothes Washing Options 31 December 2010 Complete ARUP
Metal Recovery from Wash Waters and Treatment... 31 December 2010 Complete ASIRC
Quantifying Pathogen Removal in Australian Activated... 31 December 2010 Complete Water Futures
Quantifying Stormwater Recycling Risks and Benefits 31 December 2010 Complete Monash University
Rainwater Harvesting for Re-use in Cooling Towers 31 December 2010 Complete Nestle Foods
Shrine of Remembrance Water Conservation Project 31 December 2010 Complete Shrine of Remembrance Trustees
Smart Garden Water Website 31 December 2010 Complete The University of Melbourne
Ultra-filtration Water Recycling Industrial Pilot 31 December 2010 Complete BASF
Using Floating Reed Beds in Treating Stormwater 31 December 2010 Complete Mildura Rural City Council
Waterwise Plant Selector for the Barwon Region 31 December 2010 Complete Gordon Institute of TAFE
The Collection Treatment and Reuse of Nursery... 30 June 2010 Complete ERA Nurseries
Drought Proofing Tennis in Victoria 31 January 2010 Complete Tennis Victoria
Rainwwater and Water Recycling Options for the... 29 January 2010 Complete Stuart McQuire
Alternative Membrane Treatment Process for Recycled... 31 December 2009 Complete UNESCO Centre for Membrane Science...
Beckley Park Conservation Project 31 December 2009 Complete Beckley Park
Creating Groundwater Directory for Greater Melbourne 31 December 2009 Complete Sinclair Knight Merz Pty Ltd
Greywater Test Facility 31 December 2009 Complete CSIRO Manufacturing & Infrastructure...
How to Achieve Water Savings of 80% in Mainstream... 31 December 2009 Complete Deakin University
Identification of Industrial Ecology Opportunities... 31 December 2009 Complete Institute of Sustainable Futures
Investigating Biosolids as a Suitable Fill Material... 31 December 2009 Complete Swinburne University
Knox Leisure Works pool backwash recycling and... 31 December 2009 Complete Knox City Council
Managing Sportsgrounds During Drought and Water... 31 December 2009 Complete Institute for Sustainable Futures
Maryborough Campus Composting Toilet and residuals... 31 December 2009 Complete GHD
Recycling Water and Reducing Salt Discharge at... 31 December 2009 Complete Melbourne Aquarium
Saving Water and Energy in Cooling Towers 31 December 2009 Complete OLEX
Soil moisture sensor for sub-surface irrigation... 31 December 2009 Complete Senviro Pty Ltd
Surplus Water Collection for Community Sporting... 31 December 2009 Complete Berriwillock Reserve
Water Conservation in the Bendigo Bank Head Office 31 December 2009 Complete Bendigo Bank
Water Usage and Savings for Aquatic Facilities 31 December 2009 Complete Aquatics and Recreation Victoria
Pathogen Risk and Nutrient Status of Air-dried... 31 July 2009 Complete Water Quality Reserach Australia
Application of an Adsorption Desalination in Water... 21 May 2009 Complete Deakin University
A toolkit to Minimise Water Use in Small Scale... 31 December 2008 Complete RMIT University
An Innovative Water Management Infrastructure... 31 December 2008 Complete Sovereign Hill
Creation of an Environmental Sustainability Assessment... 31 December 2008 Complete University of NSW
Developing Best Practice Water Use Guidelines... 31 December 2008 Complete Australasian Spa Association (ASpa)
Kicking Goals for The Environment 31 December 2008 Complete Ovens and Murray Football League
Mildura Landfill Complex Stormwater Recycling... 31 December 2008 Complete Mildura Rural City Council
Opportunities for Designer Recycled Water 31 December 2008 Complete Victoria University
Recycling and Treating Water Used for Washing... 31 December 2008 Complete Butler Market Gardens
Reducing Sewage Loadings Through Alternative Industrial... 31 December 2008 Complete Deakin University/ NanoVic
Smart Water – Not Mains Water for Urban Communities 31 December 2008 Complete CERES
Urban Wastewater Reuse and Intergrated Aquatic... 31 December 2008 Complete Marine and Freshwater Systems
Waste Not Want Not: A New Design Set To Reduce... 31 December 2008 Complete ISPT
Water Efficient System for Hydrocooling Freshly... 31 December 2008 Complete Victorian University of Technology
Mitigation of Fouling of Western Treatment Plant... 31 October 2008 Complete RMIT University
Savings in the City - Green Hotels 30 June 2008 Complete City of Melbourne
Construction of a Waterless Equine Training Track... 31 December 2007 Complete Racing Victoria
Estimating Externalities Across the Urban Water... 31 December 2007 Complete Institute for Sustainable Futures
Innovative Water and Energy Optimisation in Hospital... 31 December 2007 Complete Linencare (Barwon Health)
Integrating Groundwater into the Urban Water Cycle 31 December 2007 Complete City Of Casey
Market Garden Fully Automatic Watering System 31 December 2007 Complete Karkana Support Services
Pilot Plant Demonstration of Effluent Desalination... 31 December 2007 Complete CSIRO
Pricing for Water Conservation in The Non-Residential... 31 December 2007 Complete ACIL Tasman Pty Ltd
Rainwater Harvesting and Re-use at the Penguin... 31 December 2007 Complete Phillip Island Nature Park
Recycling Water Used to Remove Boiler Ash at the... 31 December 2007 Complete Carter Holt Harvey
Water Recycling and Reuse within a Dairy Plant... 31 December 2007 Complete Tatura Milk
Alternative Sewage Systems: Investigation of Composting... 31 December 2006 Complete GHD
Banyule-Nillumbik Public Schools Joint Water Initiative 31 December 2006 Complete Victorian Public Schools
Best Practice Program for the Laundry Industry 31 December 2006 Complete Laundrette Association of Australia
Designing Environmentally Sustainable Houses and... 31 December 2006 Complete EME Group
Development and Prototype Testing of a Smart Shower... 31 December 2006 Complete Invetech
Development of the Car Wash Water Saver Rating... 31 December 2006 Complete Australian Car Wash Association...
Fytofoam Trial in Local Sportsgrounds 31 December 2006 Complete City of Boroondara
Installation of Waterless Conveyer Technology 31 December 2006 Complete Cadbury Schweppes
Multiple Water Reuse Demonstration Project at... 31 December 2006 Complete WASTE
Recycling Nursery Run-off Using Peat-Based Biofilters 31 December 2006 Complete Bio-Flo Pty Ltd
Replacing En-Tout-Cas Courts with Classic Clay... 31 December 2006 Complete Heatherdale Tennis Club
Sewer Mining Technology Trial at Flemington Racecourse 31 December 2006 Complete Waste Technologies of Australia
The Water Cycle Education Program 31 December 2006 Complete Dandenong Ranges Music Council
Testing Household Greywater Treatment Systems 31 May 2006 Complete Alternative Technology Association
A Novel Process for Removing Phosphorus from Waste... 31 December 2005 Complete La Trobe University
Developing a Peat Based Greywater System 31 December 2005 Complete Bio -Flo Pty Ltd
Evaluation of Saline Tolerant Grasses and Reclaimed... 31 December 2005 Complete Victorian Golf Association
Lessons for Car Washes: WIM Industries 31 December 2005 Complete Cleanawater
Lessons for Water Treatment & Storage: Residential 31 December 2005 Complete Stuart McQuire
Maintaining Sporting Fields with Recycled Water... 31 December 2005 Complete Gisborne Junior Soccer Club
Steriliser Water Conservation 31 December 2005 Complete Western Health
The Melbourne Water Map and Interactive CD 31 December 2005 Complete Earth Systems Pty Ltd
Using Treated Biosolids in Bricks and Pavers 31 December 2005 Complete Re-Brick Pty Ltd
Victorian Bakeries Water Use Best Practice Guide 31 December 2005 Complete Baking Industry Association of...
Water Harvesting and Reuse System for Victoria's... 31 December 2005 Complete State Netball Hockey Centre
Water Smart Home Exhibition: Demonstrating Household... 31 December 2005 Complete Museum Victoria - Melbourne Museum
Developing Multi-Cultural Youth Water Ambassadors 31 May 2005 Complete Western Young Peoples Independent...
Developing Aquifer Storage & Recovery Opportunities... 31 December 2004 Complete CSIRO Land and Water
Drought Proofing Horse Racing in Victoria 31 December 2004 Complete Racing Victoria Limited
Lessons for Development Industry: City of Port... 31 December 2004 Complete GHD
Rainwater Tank Consumer Education Campaign 31 December 2004 Complete Davey Products
Sludge Digestion Enhancement 31 December 2004 Complete Food Science Australia
Sustainable Water Resource Practices in Public... 31 December 2004 Complete Frankston City Council
Wastewater Reuse Technology Trials 31 December 2004 Complete CDS Technologies
Water Recirculation on Evaporator Pumps 31 December 2004 Complete Murray Goulburn Co-Op
Laying the Foundation for Confident Barrier Free... 31 January 2004 Complete CSIRO