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Non-Residential Alternative Water Resource Guide

Project Date: 30 June 2011
Project Status: Complete
Research Organisation: RMIT University
Project Number: 314 - 011

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Project Overview


The purpose of this project was to provide a concise and consistent set of information for developers and the community that aids the implementation of alternative water resources for new non-residential developments.


The first stage was to complete a literature review to provide a broad evaluation of Australian and international literature relating to alternative water resources in new, non-residential (commercial, industrial or institutional) developments. This information is to be used as a basis for the development of guidelines for alternative water resource use in new, non-residential developments – The Guide.


This Non-Residential Alternative Water Resource Guide (The Guide) aims to provide decision makers with an outline of alternative water resource opportunities available for commercial, industrial and institutional applications. It also sets out a framework for prospective users to assess potential alternative water resource projects against environmental and financial criteria.


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